From Insta-hype toward the
optimal self

Wellness has often been associated with images of trendiness, youthfulness, and beauty - qualities that look good on Instagram. The current selfie culture leads to self-documentation, i.e., photos and postings, for others to consume. While photographs have always been a reflection of identity, they are now more commonly used as a means of displaying oneself to others - a means of branding oneself. Currently, self-branding has evolved to be an important, even necessary, part of both professional and social life.

Nevertheless, wellness is much more than social media's representation of the somewhat shallow selfie culture or selfie hype, whose emphasis is on looking good . . . and Insta-worthy.

Wellness emphasizes preventative, holistic, and positive well-being, as well as personal responsibility for promoting well-being and flourishing. Wellness aims at achieving your optimal self and optimal potential - balance - within yourself and your surroundings.

Ultimately, finding wellness involves finding a balance; it is self-improvement, self-investment, and genuinely striving for positive self-transformation through acknowledging your individual strengths and resources.

Miia Grénman