Wellness branding

Wellness branding has emerged as the newest form of self-branding and continues to gain importance. The trajectory of self-branding reflects various contexts and periods of time, from the face-to-face and professional arenas to the online space, to which wellness has brought a new dimension.

In wellness branding, both wellness practices and techniques of self-branding are combined. Wellness branding is about identity and lifestyle construction, self-management, and self-promotion. The logic of wellness branding thus encompasses the creation of an optimal, balanced self and the communication of that self to others. In line with Aristotle's concept of eudaimonia, what is actually being branded is the "eu" and "daimon" - the good and healthy, true, balanced self.

In the future, the principles of wellness branding are likely to be adopted and employed further in employee and employer branding. One current trend is that the responsibility for employment and careers is increasingly shifting from organizations to employees themselves, introducing a constant need for individuals to expand their professional networks and engage in self-branding. Wellness branding has thus become a new in-demand skill, in addition to a device for self-promotion.

Similarly, adopting a stance on wellness is beneficial for employers. Enhancing and promoting workplace wellness has become a huge recruitment advantage. Employers who not only appreciate but also invest in employee wellness are likely to enjoy increases in employee productivity and, at the same time, decreases in both absences from work and health insurance expenditures.

Miia Grénman